Commonly Asked Questions


Question: Why are my rates always going up?
Answer: Rate increases are due to many factors, some out of your control like statewide rate adjustments. Due to the rise in medical and repair costs, insurance companies have to increase their rates to prevent running a deficit. Other factors are the statistics for your geographic area, cities are often more expensive to drive in than rural areas; you may see a rate change after a change of address. Credit scores are also factored into most insurance quotes, if your credit has gone up or down since the start of your policy, your rates may change.

Question: When is it a good time to review coverage?
Answer: Once a year is most often appropriate, major life events like purchasing a home, getting married or having children are also a good opportunity to review your coverage.

Question: What is the difference between Comp (aka Comprehensive) and Collision?
Answer: Comprehensive provides coverage for fire, theft, hit an animal, falling object, lightning, and glass/windshield – subject to policy deducible. Collision provides coverage for physical damage to the automobile caused by an accident – subject to policy deducible

Question: Does my auto insurance pay if someone else is driving my car?
Answer: If you give someone permission to take your car and they are involved in an accident, coverage will be based on the policy for that vehicle, not the driver. It’s called “Permissive Use”

Question: Is my vehicle covered on my homeowner’s insurance while it sits unused in my garage?
Answer: If there is not a specific policy on that vehicle, there is no coverage. Homeowner’s insurance, while broad, does not cover vehicles.